Watching a church rise up…

Vintage Family,

In the wake of a tragedy like we have witnessed, I think it is important to take a moment and focus on the bright spots, celebrate the victories, and learn to hold on to them as we mourn. I would like to celebrate what I see in you. I see a church family rising up in a time of need with incredible LOVE. It is incredible to watch the way you are pouring your hearts out for the Avery’s.

Sunday afternoon, Belinda and I had the privilege of meeting with Brandi and Kelly to simply be there with them as they process through the difficulty. In that time we shared our hearts desire to see our church become a true Kingdom family around them. I really had no idea how incredible it would be to watch it happen. Thank you for who you are. So many of my own historical concepts of the church are being rewritten by the way you love each other.

Thing we can do to help the Avery’s in this process?

There is much more to do. The journey is just beginning for the Avery family. There is significant expense surrounding this tragedy. If you would like to be a part of helping ease that burden, you can give directly through Vintage. Just mark, “Avery,” in the ledger of your check and drop it in the giving box at our Connect table. We will channel resources to them in this time.

We are also aware that  there are several funds being set up online. If you would prefer, please give to these, use GoFundMe:  Both are super easy ways to give. Thank you for all you are doing.
Their City Group has taken care of the initial need. Additional meals will be handled by our meal ministry. To get on the list, email Sarah at Any additional gifts, cards, etc., can be sent to Vintage. We will make sure these are delivered.
Memorial Gathering…
There will be a memorial gathering on Tuesday, December 1st, at Vintage (1825 Sharp Point, #110, Ft. Collins, CO, 80525). Gathering time is 3:30pm. If you would like to help with refreshments for this event, please contact Maura Link at (970) 412-0392 or
Upcoming Events
NEXT Students
This Sunday is Kingdom Mischief Night for NEXT. The students are blessing 40 families in need of a holiday blessing with boxes of food ding-dong-ditch style. It’s a fun and effective way to blend Kingdom principles with a little mischief. If you would like to help support this effort, please contact Pastor Ben at
Make sure not to miss the Vintage Ladies Christmas Party on December 4th, a night of worship, connection, food, and fun.  The annual gift exchange has always been a favorite, so be sure to bring a gift in the $10-range if you want to participate. Please bring an appetizer to share to show off your cooking skills! Last names A-M bring something sweet and N-Z bring something savory. Love to see you there! If you have any questions, please contact
Christmas Eve
Mark your calendars and join us for Christmas Eve to celebrate the beauty and meaning of the holidays. We will have two gathering this year at 5:30pm & 6:30pm. More details to come…
So much to share…Vintage, thank you for who you are. I love what Jesus is doing in us. I had a professor that used to say, “Vision lives and dies at the pressure point of implementation.” I see our vision to love our city happening in you each day. Let’s change this region for His glory. Let’s love, worship, and pray in a way that 10 years from now we see a city that has been transformed by the Church that lives in her.
Don’t forget! This Sunday is our Family Service. We are bringing all of Vintage together for one gathering at 9am. Vintage City Kids Student Leaders are going to lead us in worship and we will have a teaching time fit for the whole family.  Infant and toddler nurseries will be open for the little ones.
I love pastoring you. I feel the call to fight like never before. We will change this city for His glory.