Start up the Christmas tunes

Good Morning Vintage Family,

It is a joy to enter into the Advent season and celebrate Christmas with all of you! I pray in the midst of the fullness of life, you are finding more and more time to spend with Jesus. In Ephesians 3, Paul prays for the Church, that, “Christ would become more and more at home in their hearts.” It is a pretty incredible concept.

What does it look like for our lives to be on a consistent trajectory where Jesus has more room as the King, Leader, and Head of my life? I think there is a simple answer. Each day, we sit with Him and invite Him to be more at home in us. When we do that, we can trust Him to faithfully take ownership. We can trust Him to bring the right convictions. We can trust Him to refine our tendencies. In the end, we can trust that this simple request is an incredible act of surrender. My prayer for us this Advent season is that our hearts are filled with a greater revelation of Jesus and that He is our pursuit.

Avery Family update…I am so proud of you! I am amazed at the way our church body has rallied around the Avery family in love and support. Yesterday afternoon, we had a celebration of Spencer’s life at the Vintage building. It was packed with people from all over our city. We had intercessors behind the scenes praying for the Kingdom to be revealed…all while they served food to the guests. I love it. We were so blessed to walk with the family through this process. Our love and support doesn’t stop here. There will be tough days ahead, and I am confident that we will continue to walk with them in their journey. I guess all of that is to say, “Thank you,” for living out the Kingdom.

This week at Vintage

Prayer tonight, 7pm…in the wake of this tragedy, my heart is stirred more than ever to change our region’s spiritual climate through prayer. I love our prayer gatherings. I want all of us at them. Why? There is supernatural power when His people gather to worship and pray. If you can make it, please come and help do the privileged work of prayer. It changes atmospheres.

Ladies….Vintage Ladies Christmas Party is this Friday, 7pm at 1825 Sharp Point Drive. Come join the gals for an awesome night of worship, joy, and laughter. Details about the gift exchange and what to bring for food can be found here.

Much love. Much grace. I love being your pastor!