Missions Highlight | 11.02.15

Valerie Notess (China)

Valerie is working in China, helping young girls escape poverty and the horrible options in front of them. They are working on building relationship, loving on these girls, and leading them out of these life patterns.

Her work is incredibly grass roots. Our prayer covering is incredibly important for her.

Things to be lifting to our Father about:

  1. Internet at the farm. We really need some way to connect that is convenient and
  2. won’t cost an arm and a leg every time we connect as a lot of our job entails researching things online, and networking with people, mostly through the internet!
  3. Money for tuition. The tuition for my classes comes to about $500 a month. Everything I have needed for this venture so far has been provided, and I trust the Father that He will provide for this as well, but there’s no such thing as pestering the Father too much.
  4. Stamina, peace, confidence and ability to communicate for me and the rest of the team. There is a lot of work to be done, and it can be overwhelming, but we want to do things well, and rely on the Father and His way of doing things.


Life For the Innocent (Southeast Asia)

LFTI is a ministry we partner with specializing in human trafficking. There are more than 100 million people involved in this horrific trade. We work to see these young ones (ages 2-15) emancipated from horrible conditions, restored, and adopted into believing homes.

Our prayers are vital.

  1. Safety and protection for all workers
  2. New centers to be opened- 6 centers were opened and looking forward to more.
  3. Back pain (Sam, the director)- need healing from it.
  4. Employment visa for those who will come and teach at the institute and also at the academy.- desperately need prayers for it as we file for approval.