Vintage Prayer Agenda Items | December 16, 2015


Valerie Notess (China)

Valerie is working in China, helping young girls escape poverty and the horrible options in front of them. They are working on building relationship, loving on these girls, and leading them out of these life patterns. Her work is incredibly grass roots. Our prayer covering is incredibly important for her.


  1. Our first farm day was a success and was much easier than we were worried it might have been. This is really encouraging as we look towards having more and more of this kind of event.
  2. After a couple of talks among the team about our individual communication styles and personalities, we are getting along better, and team dynamics are stealing much less of our time and energy!
  3. The weather has stayed mostly warm and pleasant for us. This may sound small and insignificant, but since much of the work we need to get done is outdoors, and since our dorm is solid concrete without any form  of heating system, this really is a blessing.



  1. We need more people to join our team. We were already short handed, but now our caretakers have left, and our team leaders are about to head back to the States for 2 months. That leaves me and only one other teammate trying to run everything. That’s a scary thought! We do think we may have just found two new caretakers, though, so pr*y that things go well with them and that it works out. We also just really need community around us to combat isolation and loneliness.
  2. We need a lot of wisdom with how to proceed from here. We’ve been running really fast, trying to get a lot of things moving, but especially now with our caretakers gone, we need to take another look at our pace, and also how we should be doing things to work together with the Father and stay under His covering. This can be really hard as it can make it feel like slowing down and not getting as much done, but we really need to make sure that we are working with the One who has called us here, and not just trying to accomplish the vision He gave us out of our own strength and wisdom.
  3. Personally, I am being stretched way farther with this job than I ever have been before. It’s very challenging, and I know that I am growing, but most days I have to fight to hold onto the truth that I know that He called me here, and that He is my strength. I am trying to put my focus on growing deeper with Him so that in the hard moments I’m turning to Him instead of trying to figure it out myself, but of course that is something that doesn’t happen overnight, but takes time. So in the meantime as I’m growing, I can definitely use extra covering and support.


Life For the Innocent (Southeast Asia)

LFTI is a ministry we partner with specializing in human trafficking. There are more than 100 million people involved in this horrific trade. We work to see these young ones (ages 2-15) emancipated from horrible conditions, restored, and adopted into believing homes. Our prayers are vital.


  1. Safety and protection for all workers.
  2. New centers to be opened. Six centers were opened and looking forward to more.
  3. Healing from Back pain for Sam (the director).
  4. Employment visa for those who will come and teach at the institute and also at the academy. Desperately need prayers for it as we file for approval.



Room 4 Hope is a non-denominational support group made up of women within the community who are dedicated to helping women at risk from all ages and backgrounds. Room 4 Hope seeks women who are endeavoring to change their lives for the better. They offer mentoring and support specific to women’s needs in a safe environment.


  1. The Room4Hope director, Martha Fellure, fell and broke her leg. She had surgery on it today. Pray for her recovering and healing. She has a lot of responsibilities as the director. Also, prayers for Goloria Hudson who will be taking on the extra workload responsibilities while Martha is out.
  2. Please pray for the men and women in the correctional facilities. The holidays are especially difficult for them to be separated from their families. Many of them become desperate and want to run during this time. Pray for peace and comfort from the Holy Spirit as they are away from their families.



No More Suicide in 2015

Larimer County is headed towards a record number of suicides this year. Seventy-seven people have died by suicide in the county this year as of Nov. 22, according to the coroner’s office. Our prayer is no more suicides in 2015. Pray specifically for our young people and against the agenda that the enemy has for them.


Other Needs

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