It’s a great year for community…

Good Morning Vintage Family!

It is a City Group week. Have you ever had a few weeks where one word comes up over and over again? Over the last several weeks, in conversations over coffee, at our Belong sessions, in emails…one word has come up over and over. The word is Community. In each of these conversations there has been a theme. People are desiring honest, heart-connected community where there is a genuine depth to relationship. I love that. Why? Because I believe it is a work of the Holy Spirit. I believe He is revealing to us our need for each other.

Proverbs teaches that healthy interaction between believers is like, “Iron sharpening iron.” It likens our movement into community to the process of forging. Have we ever actually considered this process? I want to highlight that process because I believe we often love the ideas of this process, but shrink back from engaging it because it is difficult. Consider these attributes of the process:

  1. It is slow. Metal is hammered out. The process is not quick. It requires a considerable amount of time to shape metal. Much the same, building authentic community requires time. There is no substitute for time together.
  2. It is intentional. The process of forging metal is a very purposeful process. There is no accidental forging. In this same way, building authentic community begins with me. It begins with my intentional decision to invest into the lives of others.
  3. It requires vulnerability. Heat makes metal vulnerable. It is an interesting concept to apply to metal, but consider what heat does? It softens the metal. Whether we like it or not, authentic community develops in vulnerability. These times are intense, and they are often emotional. This is where many of us pull back. It is counter intuitive. However, if we are to develop authentic community, we must be willing to be vulnerable.
  4. It requires strategic conflict. We know the picture. A hammer shapes the metal one blow at a time. While this picture does not directly translate to authentic community, the concept does. Conflict helps shape us. One of the most intimate places we can engage as community is in conflict. What do I mean? The willingness to speak into each others lives, even though it is tough…this shapes authentic community.

When we consider these as aspects of authentic community, we are positioned to engage into each others lives in a meaningful and impactful way. I am praying His amazing blessings on you as you continue to make that decision to be intentionally connected to each other in authentic community. There are so many incredible graces that come into our lives when we make that decision.

I have a passion for Vintage, in fact, I have this same passion for the whole body of Christ. I want to see intentional community, where we know and are known, become the new normal. Many of you have lived in this type of intentional community for years. You can attest to the incredible value of learning to be vulnerable with each other. That is our passion for Vintage City Groups. We long to see genuine love and friendship grow in these.

If you are identifying with this move of the Holy Spirit into intentional community, please consider joining into a City Group. I believe in this decision. I believe the Lord was very clear with me that these groups were vital to our health as a people. This is not a plug or an advertisement. It is an encouragement to move deeper into community with each other!



Giving Statements – We are finalizing 2015 Giving Statements this week. If you would like a digital copy of your statement, email with your name in the Subject line. Your giving statement will be attached in the reply email.

Annual Business Meeting – Monday, January 25th, 6pm @ 1825 Sharp Point #110. We are going to worship for a bit and then go over the business reports for our first 5 years! It is going to be fun. The meeting should be about 75min.

Voices of the Heart Bible Study – Begins 2/8/16, @ 6:30pm. This is a study aimed at helping Ladies move deeper into honest heart relationship with the Father. Our last session was incredible. There is a small cost involved for the material ($23). For more information, please contact


Blessings to you! Have an awesome week.