Vintage Prayer Agenda Items | January 1, 2016


Valerie Notess (China)

Valerie is working in China, helping young girls escape poverty and the horrible options in front of them. They are working on building relationship, loving on these girls, and leading them out of these life patterns. Her work is incredibly grass roots. Our prayer covering is incredibly important for her.


  1. Our assistant’s brother came to visit us for a week to get out of the pollution in Beijing and to see if it would help his migraines. Not only did he hardly have any problems with headaches while he was here, but he also chose to believe in JC! We are extremely encouraged and excited about this!
  2. We’ve been feeling like we’ve been spinning our wheels in the mud and not getting anywhere for a while now, but over the past couple of days, we’ve been getting insight into some of the issues that are causing that. We are grateful for solutions beginning to come clear, and increased awareness of the forces that are working against us.
  3. My teammate Cass gets to go to a conference for IRIS staff in a couple of weeks to network and recruit more people to join us. This opportunity was offered to her by Heidi Baker personally and they are even letting her attend for free. We are thankful for connections and doors opening to bring in more of the provision that we need.



  1. One of the members of the local International Fellowship who doesn’t even know us told one of our friends that they saw an image of our farm and our work being cursed by a man, and that there has been a lot of difficulty that we have received from that. We think we know who the man is, and now need a lot of wisdom for how to deal with it as he lives at the farm (though not the part that we are leasing). We had drawn boundaries against outside forces coming in, but hadn’t really considered that some of it could be coming from inside. We want to love and bless this man, while fighting against whatever might be operating through him against us.
  2. Though we’ve worked through a lot of difficult team dynamics, we’re realizing that right now we are more of a group of well meaning people than we are a team or a family really working together. We want to strengthen and develop our relationships so that we can really create a sense of family, not only for ourselves, but also for the orphans eventually when we start being able to bring them in, and also just anyone else that comes into our sphere that we can influence.
  3. I’ve realized that I am in a season of learning that it’s okay to make mistakes, and learning how to clean them up. I know that this is really good for me, and that I’ll be healthier and stronger for it, but it’s a really hard place to be, knowing that I am making mistakes and will continue to (because I am doing work that is way outside of my experience and skill set) but that there is grace for that and that I don’t need to expect myself to be perfect. I can definitely use extra covering and grace as I learn to get that lesson from my head down to my heart and let it become a part of me.


Life For the Innocent (Southeast Asia)

LFTI is a ministry we partner with specializing in human trafficking. There are more than 100 million people involved in this horrific trade. We work to see these young ones (ages 2-15) emancipated from horrible conditions, restored, and adopted into believing homes. Our prayers are vital.


  1. Safety and protection for all workers.
  2. New centers to be opened. Six centers were opened and looking forward to more.
  3. Healing from Back pain for Sam (the director).
  4. Employment visa for those who will come and teach at the institute and also at the academy. Desperately need prayers for it as we file for approval.




Room 4 Hope is a non-denominational support group made up of women within the community who are dedicated to helping women at risk from all ages and backgrounds. Room 4 Hope seeks women who are endeavoring to change their lives for the better. They offer mentoring and support specific to women’s needs in a safe environment.


  1. Please pray for Martha (the Room4Hope Director) who is still recuperating from a broken leg after a terrible fall. It has been slow recovery after surgery.
  2. Pray for the mentors that are helping us. We also need more mentors.Pray for the homeless and abuse shelters, that we would gain favor and be able to get in there and bring more women to Room4Hope.


Other Needs

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