Vintage Prayer Agenda Items | February 10, 2016

Local Ministries

Room 4 Hope

Room 4 Hope is a non-denominational support group made up of women within the community who are dedicated to helping women at risk from all ages and backgrounds. Room 4 Hope seeks women who are endeavoring to change their lives for the better. They offer mentoring and support specific to women’s needs in a safe environment.


  1. Continued prayers for the men and women living in the Halfway house that God’s spirit would move them and give them direction in their life.
  2. Prayers for the restoration of their families.
  3. So many of those in the halfway house are broken and sick emotionally, they need healing in all aspects: body, soul and spirit.
  4. Continued prayers for the Room 4 Hope team that God would give them wisdom and favor with the Superintendent.


Global Ministries

Valerie Notess (China)

Valerie is working in China, helping young girls escape poverty and the horrible options in front of them. They are working on building relationship, loving on these girls, and leading them out of these life patterns. Her work is incredibly grass roots. Our prayer covering is incredibly important for her.


  1. The team leaders who have been in America to see family and raise support have seen amazing breakthrough and reconciliation with family. These leaders are coming back rested and able to keep pouring into the work that they started here.
  2. Though many people were worried about my safety being alone at the farm, there have been no attacks or break ins or anything to threaten me, and I have been safe.


  1. The time alone gave me the opportunity to process through a lot of the difficulties that I’ve been having here. I have been dealing with burnout and some very old walls around my heart. I’m reaching out for help and I know this will be a process and a journey and I will need lots of courage to keep reaching out to people for help as I seek the answers and healing that I need.
  2. Recent cold weather has caused frozen, and now broken pipes. We are praying that the rest of the broken pipes can be fixed quickly and easily and the water bill will be affordable.
  3. I am hoping to take a week-long retreat to get away for a bit and refresh with some good community and fellowship. Prayers for the time and financial ability to do it.


Life For the Innocent (Southeast Asia)

LFTI is a ministry we partner with specializing in human trafficking. There are more than 100 million people involved in this horrific trade. We work to see these young ones (ages 2-15) emancipated from horrible conditions, restored, and adopted into believing homes. Our prayers are vital.


  1. Safety and protection for all workers.
  2. New centers to be opened. Six centers were opened and looking forward to more.
  3. Healing from Back pain for Sam (the director).
  4. Employment visa for those who will come and teach at the institute and also at the academy. Desperately need prayers for it as we file for approval.


Other Needs

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