Draw, from the Well…

Good Morning Vintage Family!


I trust you were blessed by Pastor Gary Peters last week! He and Karen are such an important part of Belinda and my life. We would not be the people we are without their influence in us. It was an honor to share them with you again! What a great reminder about wells in our lives. If you missed the teaching, please go to www.vintagecitychurch.com and listen to the message.

I was in Arizona last weekend with my youngest son on a soccer trip. Arizona, being a desert climate, is problematic for me, because I don’t generally enjoy drinking water. My loving wife is always encouraging me to, “Drink more water…it is good for you!” So, while I was away, I decided to heed her advice and work towards better habits and patterns with my water intake. Simply stated, I drank lots of water. (cue sounds of cheering, clapping…)

Something became very apparent to me in this exercise of hydration. I felt different. I felt better. I had more energy, a little more spring in my step. I had clearly been dehydrated.

Hmmm… In the natural, Wells are where we draw water from. In the spiritual, where we invest our time is where we draw from. The obvious answer is that Jesus is to be our ultimate well, and as we invest time into being with Him, we are positioned to drink deeply of Him. I would love to challenge us that when we are drawing water from Him daily, we are different. There is a renewed vitality in our walk. We are more healthy as people…we aren’t, “Spiritually dehydrated.

Here is a thought…each time you drink water or see someone drinking water, be reminded of Jesus and assess your intake of Him. Are you drawing the water of His life from Him? Or, are you spiritually dehydrated? It is Christ, in us, that is the hope of glory. Everything we are to be in our day and time, must come from Him into us, then be released to those around us!

I am excited to be back this week. I am excited to worship together and study the Scriptures. I am excited to see the signs and wonders of the Holy Spirit released in our gatherings. Drink deeply of Him. Come ready to worship!

Ladies!…Have fun tomorrow at your Brunch! Enjoy some girl time, love on each other, and be blessed! (9-11am at 1825 Sharp Point…details @ https://www.vintagecitychurch.com/calendar/ )


Much grace and love to you all.