Some news…

Vintage Family,


I wanted to share some news with you. We have been believing for a miracle for Amy Nappa. We were partnering with them in believing for a touch in her body. During this time, I have felt a strong sense from the Lord that our role was to pray and believe until we knew His answer. Early this morning, Amy Nappa passed into the Joy of the Lord.

This news is difficult and saddening. It is difficult to cry out and have our prayers seem to be unheard. I had the incredible honor of sitting with Mike and Amy on Friday for a few hours. During that time, Mike shared with me that he truly believed that the Lord had extended Amy’s life for this last year. He was encouraging me that he believed the prayers and heart of the church had been heard by the Lord. If you have had the privilege of knowing Mike, you understand this is one of his incredible traits…to encourage others in the midst of his own difficulty.

I guess I want to share with you that I am proud of you. I am proud of the way you have stood by the Nappa family. Ecclesiastes talks about a time for everything, including mourning. Now is the time for us to mourn.

If you would like to minister to the Nappa family, there will be several opportunities, and we will make those readily available and known. For now, let’s pray the Lord’s grace to them as they process.

We will pass on memorial details as we know them.


In His love,