Prayer tonight!

Vintage Family,


Come and pray!…I wanted to remind you about our Vintage Prayer tonight at 7pm! Come join us as we cry out for a fresh outpouring of His presence in our lives, our church, and our region. Childcare is available for the youngsters under 5.

1 Corinthians 4…This last week we looked at an incredibly challenging passage where Paul calls us to follow him the way he follows Jesus. It is an amazing statement. I want to challenge each of you to consider that reality this week. Are we living in a way that we can say that?

I also want to talk about one word/concept that came up in the teaching: Abuse. In this passage, Paul declares that, “we are patient with those who abuse us,” (1 For 4v12). In our gathering, I chose to leave this word more undefined for a purpose. There are times when we want to qualify the scriptures because they seem so strong. I wanted the thought and strength of what Paul was saying to really challenge us. However, a few of you spoke with me, concerned that this might be really hard for someone in a life-threatening abusive situation to understand. After thinking about it for a couple days, it felt right thing to clarify this more because I would not ever advise to someone in a life-threatening abusive situation to, “just be patient.” I do not believe that is what the Scriptures teach, and that was not the goal of that passage.

The word, “abuse,” in the Greek, means, “to revile or heap abuse on.” It is connected to the idea of being strongly disliked. In this context, I believe it is directly talking about being treated wrongly for our faith. However, Paul does not say that. What he says is that he, “blesses those who do this.” I believe this simply means that we are to manage our behavior and treat those who mistreat us well, and we are not to retaliate or react wrong to them. That being said, there are times when the greatest grace act we can do is to remove ourselves from an unsafe situation.

This is why we live in community…So we can learn the Scriptures together! We will discuss this on Sunday as a family more in depth. Much grace to you! See you tonight!



Pastor Greg