His steadfast love never fails!

Good Morning Vintage Family!

“His steadfast love never fails…” What a promise! He is faithful and He will always stand in our defense and He is always ready to walk with us through our day. Take time today to thank Him for that love. Take time to just pull away from what you are doing and tell Him how much you appreciate His faithfulness. When we praise Him for His character it aligns our hearts with who He is and postures us to receive more of that goodness.

Q&A time again tonight… Last Wednesday night was a really good time of discussion about 1 Corinthians 7. We will hold another session tonight at 7pm to talk Scriptures. Childcare is provided for kids under 4. Bring your bibles and let’s discuss Paul’s teachings!

Vintage Belong…This Sunday at 11am, in the office space (#130), we will be having our Vintage Belong class. If you haven’t gone to one of these sessions, please come join us, and let’s get you plugged in, using your gifts to serve Jesus!


Much grace to you all!