An Appetite For His Presence


We launched our first high school service last Sunday at 11:45am in the Vintage office. It was AMAZING! God is doing some amazing things with high school students in Northern Colorado.

I can’t wait to see you guy’s every Sunday at 11:45am.

I wanted to recap this weekend for you incase you missed it. Even if you were there take a quick listen to the podcast. You can press play and view the teaching notes below.


Here are some teaching notes to look at: 

  • Could I suggest that presence of God expressed upon His people is not a human idea… Its Gods idea. 
  • What if you and I have actually been designed with an appetite for the presence of God and until we experience Him fully we will never be satisfied.
  • The Lord has designed his Glory and his presence to be experienced and enjoyed based off of one thing… OUR APPETITE FOR IT!
  • Glory/Presence: In the Hebrew, the word for, glorious presence,” is Kavowd. It means, “awe, wonder, weight or substance.”

  • How do we develop an appetite for something that isn’t hungered for in our culture?

  • Moses seems to be giving us a clue in the text:  Exodus 33: 18 Moses responded, “Then show me your glorious presence.” What if Moses is reminding us that is legal and our right to cry out for the presence of God in our life.


You are invited to our NEXT Thanksgiving Feast on Thursday, November 15th from 7:00PM-8:30PM. Erin and I would love to cook you guys some food! If you have a favorite dish that you like I want you to cook it and bring it with you! Send me a text with what you are bringing | 970-682-0208 | Pastor Travis’ phone number.

Love you guy’s. See you on Sunday at 11:45am in the office!