Building Project Update

Vintage Family,

I wanted to send out an update on the new venue! Progress is happening, and we are set to celebrate our opening gathering on Sunday, March 1st, 2015! We are so excited and blessed with the way the Lord has walked us through this process. I am so blessed to be on this journey with you. I have attached a progress photo for fun…and to help you all become as excited as I am to finally settle into our own space.

What a journey we have been on. I didn’t know that I had the faith to see Jesus lead us to grow like we have. When we signed the lease on this space, we were just over 250 people in our regular attendance. It is an incredible honor to be part of the Vintage family and watch us grow to 400 regularly! I am looking forward to settling in, as there are some pretty amazing things in store for us! As a result of this incredible growth, on March 1st, we will be moving to two Sunday gatherings, 9 & 11am, and we will be launching our combined Student Ministries (VCK 5th/6th, NEXT, and College) at 5pm. We will share more about these transitions in coming communications.


Prayer? We believe in prayer. Jesus said very plainly, “My house will be called a house of prayer.” I am looking forward to our Tuesday nights again. Please plan to join us, beginning Tuesday, March 3rd for a time of worship and encountering Jesus.

Building Funds? In May of 2014, we received a special offering for the transition into this space. Many of you have been asking about the finances of the building project and whether or not you can still give to this project. The answer is, “yes!” There are two areas of need: 1) resources to help us get settled into this space, 2) specific increases that we have encountered in bringing this space to City code. It would be an incredible blessing to see some of these needs and increases offset through special giving. Please be sure to mark, “building fund,” in the ledger of your donations. I am continually blessed by the way you respond to Jesus in generosity. Thank you!

Sunday at Fossil…We are in Luke 13 this week, and we are studying divine healing!

Blessings to you…I love being your pastor. What an honor!


Greg Sanders