City Group Leaders Connect | 06.19.15

Hello City Group Leaders,

It’s time to get ready for your City Group next week! There are so many awesome things that the Lord is doing through each of your groups. We are seeing people connect on deeper levels with Jesus and with each other. You all are doing an incredible job! I loved sharing with the Vintage family last Sunday about the topic of community. It is something that is dear to my heart and I’m sure that you share my passion to see people at Vintage plugged into a City Group. There was a good response to the teaching and I will be connecting you with people who are interested in joining a City Group.

Leader’s Resource

As a you may know, we recently launched Vintage Prayer on Wednesday nights (alternate weeks of CG weeks). I could not be more excited for this season for our church. I know as we diligently   engage in prayer we will (and should expect) results. I believe that you are a key person in helping develop the prayer culture at Vintage. What do I mean?  As a City Group leader I would love for you to lead by example a lifestyle of prayer. This does not mean that you need to take on coaching your group how to pray (Jesus already did that), I am encouraging you to dedicate time to these two things:

  1. Develop a healthy private prayer life. When you begin to refine a private prayer culture you honor the Lord. (Mat 6v6)
  2. Engage in a healthy public prayer life. As your private prayer culture is refined, you will begin to see the might of our God in public gatherings. Joining with the body of Christ to pray has power and authority. (Mat 18v18-20)

I am excited to see the amazing things that the Lord will erupt in your groups as you model this lifestyle. I believe there are two easy ways for your group to be captured by prayer:

  1. Always make prayer a priority in your group. A good leadership strategy is to set the expectation with your group. Let them know at the beginning of the night that you would like the conversations lead to a prayer time (either at the end or take breaks during the discussion to pray).
  2. Ask your group to join you at Vintage Prayer on Wednesday nights. This is a great way to keep your group absorbed in prayer and a way to touch base on the off CG weeks. You can always grab dinner before or ice cream after too (make sure you invite me if you get ice cream)!

As we are in a season of seeking the Lord to pour out in unprecedented ways in this region I found these scripture to be very encouraging: Hosea 10v6 & Hebrews 11v6

CG Video | June Video 2 | Runtime: 05:05

Here are this weeks ice breakers and video.

Question 1: If you could have any TV show come back, what what it be?

Question 2: What is your earliest memory?



Love you all!