LOCK-IN and More!

Hello Parents,

Summer is flying by and before we know it, the kids will be back in school! I hope your student has been enjoying and growing during their time at Vintage City Kids on Sunday mornings and again on Sunday nights for Student Leadership.

This Sunday Night: Personality Tests

Every year when the new 5th graders join our team, we like to have the leaders take a personality test in order to better understand them and help them thrive among their team. It is always fun and interesting to see the results. The kids start to identify things in their own personalities as well as those around them. The 6th graders will re-take their test to see if they end up with the same score or if their personalities have evolved over the last year. It really strengthens the team while helping them better understand each other.

We will talk about the strengths that come with a particular personality type and help them work through some of the challenges that might accompany their personality.

Taking Ownership

Recently, we have been encouraging the leaders to take ownership of their relationship with God. They are at the age where they begin to start thinking critically and question the world around them. It is during this vulnerable age that many times we see students either begin to grow much deeper in their relationship with the Lord or fall away and begin to rebel against Him and the church. It is no secret that it is common for students to struggle with finding themselves and what it means to have a personal relationship with God during this time of their lives.

Often, Brittany and I will challenge them by asking if their time in the secret place is driven out of rules set from their parents or if it is something that they desire for themselves. If their parents (and pastors) didn’t make them do their devotionals or read their Bible, would they?

I expect a lot out of the leaders because I believe they are old enough to start taking more responsibility for their relationship with Jesus. It has been fun to see and hear stories over the last couple of weeks about how this has changed their quiet time. Many of the kids have mentioned that they never really stopped long enough to actually listen to God, but when they do, He speaks!


I want to encourage consistency in attendance for Sunday nights. While I believe that what we offer for the 5th-6th Graders at Vintage is something unique and valuable for this age group, it can be extremely difficult to build a strong team of leaders without meeting consistently. I realize that part of this is due to summertime schedules and it will be easier to get on a routine when school starts. These are the things that we see when the team is attending regularly…

  1. Growth. This includes spiritually, but also just overall maturity.
  2. Stronger relationships and unity among the team.
  3. Higher buy-in for serving the church and those around them.
  4. More confident in their roles on Sunday morning and their ability to serve the kids at Vintage.

Please hear my heart in this. I know that many of you are doing the best you can and in no way do I want this to come off harsh. I simply want to see all of the leaders grow and succeed and I believe that having consistency in attendance is one of the best ways that I can help partner with you in helping your student to grow.

Student Leader LOCK-IN

Lock-In Graphic

Please mark your calendars for the Student Leader Lock-In on Sunday, August 2nd. The kids can be dropped off at the normal time (4pm) for Student Leadership and simply stay afterwords for the Lock-In. It will be an overnighter so the kids will need to bring sleeping bags and pillows along with any other overnight items. We will have pizza delivered for dinner, watch a couple of movies, play tons of games, stay up late and then do a cereal bar the next morning. Pick up will be at 7am on Monday. If you need help arranging a way to pick up your child due to your Monday morning schedule, please let me know.

Student Leadership has become one of our favorite ministries at Vintage. Thank you for the opportunity to pour into these young leaders lives! It is a privilege to be their pastor!