What a summer!

Vintage Family,

Good morning! Our weather is finally feeling like home with some heat, and I know many of you have been taking advantage of it. Be blessed in your ventures. I believe He is just incredibly honored when we prioritize family and rest. “Remember the sabbath, and keep it holy…” is a verse that I am challenged to understand. Keep rest holy? Yes! It is sacred to Him. What does that mean to us? It means that resting is a supernatural thing. It means it carries blessing when we do it. It means it is a concept to be obeyed. So, rest this summer with your loved ones! Enjoy them:)

Our 5year anniversary…This Sunday, August 2nd, will mark 5 years for the Vintage Family as a gathering. Wow! It is incredible to think about the journey we are on. Gary Peters will be with us to speak into our culture this weekend. You are going to be blessed! He is an Overseer at Vintage, an itinerant minister, but more than that, he is one of my greatest influences. Gary Peters has raised me in the ministry and I am very blessed to be able to share him with you. Gary is a gifted teacher and prophetic minister. Don’t miss it! 9am & 11am!

FF&E work…We have been working hard to put the FF&E upgrades  into the building. Thank you to those whom have volunteered hours to help! You are a blessing. If you are handy with tech, construction, or a broom, we have lots of opportunities to volunteer and work with us. Connect with Baily Hollen at baily.hollen@vintagecitychurch.com.

As always, I love being your pastor. It is an incredible honor to serve you, love you, and walk with you in this journey. I believe the best is yet to come! See you Sunday.