Prayer tonight!

Vintage Family,


What a week! It was incredible to have Dr. Jay Leroux in our gatherings on Sunday. Many of you received words from Dr. Jay Leroux. I want to encourage you to pray through them. One mistake I often made in my early years in the Kingdom was to hear the word, and then move forward with it. I think that is a pretty big mistake. I am a believer of praying though the word, asking the Holy Spirit for guidance, and then asking the Lord how to proceed.

Sunday morning was a fairly different gathering for us. It was awesome, but different. I am so grateful to lead a church that moves easily with the Holy Spirit! Dr. Jay shared a teaching with us that called us to consider the limitless life of Christ that is available to us. If you were not there when he shared it, I would like to request you to listen to it! It is available at

I believe the prophetic is intended to stoke our appetite to hear from the Lord personally. I also believe it is intended to challenge us to contend for more of the Lord. I am excited for more!

Prayer tonight! 7pm, let’s chase Jesus, cry out for our city, and believe for more of His presence in our day!


Love you all,