We’re Moving!

We are so thankful that the Lord provided the resources for us to purchase our new building. As we put plans together to move this fall, please prayerfully consider giving to the construction portion of the building fund.

Would you like to help with the move?

If you are interested in helping us transition to our new building, you can sign up here. If you sign up, we will email you when we have finalized information.

August Building Update

Vintage Family,

Happy August! Things are beginning to be finalized as we get closer to our moving dates, and we are all getting excited about getting into our new building at 1501 Academy! We will gather in 1825 Sharp Point until September 20th, which will be our last Sunday gathering here. Wednesday night Prayer and Worship nights will continue until September 23rd. Gatherings will be online as we move out all of our materials at 1825 Sharp Point and transform the new building at 1501 Academy for a few weeks. The date of our first gathering in the new space will be mid October, but is to be determined.


In the new building, we are gaining about 20,000 sq feet, which will be helpful in all Vintage ministries primarily including Sunday mornings, Vintage Worship, Vintage Kids, and Vintage Youth. Through this transition and next season for our family, we believe that Vintage is and will continue to be a place that encourages creativity and welcomes the Spirit to dwell. To begin with, only part of the building will be available and open for the family to access and use, until we can raise enough funds to renovate the larger main space of the building. In order to do this, we still need to raise $500k.


Vintage Team

Town Hall Meeting

July Building Update

Happy July!

What a crazy year we are having. But HE IS FAITHFUL! I don’t know that I have ever appreciated covering of the Lord as much as lately. In the face of uncertain times, it is incredible to have the knowledge that He is going to war for us. We are not alone, and we don’t have to figure out the future because He holds it for us.

I wanted to reach out and bring our family up to speed on our Building Project. During this COVID season, our building team has been doing an incredible amount of tireless work to get us to where we need to be. I am excited to report that we have:


    • Successfully gone under contract and have continued to move through our due diligence season.


    • Worked with the City of Fort Collins to accomplish all needed code approvals.


    • Finalized a beautiful, efficient, and functional design that will give our family a great space to do the ministry He has called us to incredibly well. With this space:


 – We are able to accomplish our goal of living in two gatherings and retain space to continue to grow. (Capacity is near 900 adults)

–  We bump our Children’s Ministry wing to nearly four times our current size. (new space is over 12,000 sq ft.)

 – We have a long-term home in the heart of Fort Collins.


    • Raised nearly $850K towards the project. (about 70% of our goal)


So…What is next? What can I do?


There has been an incredible amount of favor in this process. Pastor Gary and I sat and talked through this project the other day, and we considered the astonishing miracle it has been to do this in the midst of a pandemic crisis as we have been in. It is nothing short of a Jordan River moment for us as a family. The Jordan River moment was a time in Israel’s journey when they had to determine if they would follow the Voice of the Lord or the circumstances they saw.  I am so proud of us and what I have been able to watch develop in our family through this.

We are nearing the end of the project timeline. We are nearing the end of our lease at Sharp Point. We need to see two major things happen to finish this project:


  1. The appraisal on the buildings needs to come in favorably. This is set to happen early next week. Please pray!


  1. We need to finalize our campaign to raise funds. We have raised nearly $850K, and we need to raise the final $600K by August 23rd. That is our deadline for moving forward on this project, and I want to put it before us all to give as the Lord leads us.


Much Grace,

Greg Sanders

May Building Update

January Building Update