The Building Project

God has moved in significant ways to get us to where we are, and He’s not done yet.

Fit & Finish Campaign

We have closed on the construction loan! This is an incredible milestone in the project, thank you to each contributor. This means the building is officially under construction for a full renovation and we are one step closer to opening.
We have the means to fund the renovation for the building, and now we are turning our attention on financing everything it will take to properly outfit the interior space. This is one of our final steps, and what our Fit & Finish Campaign will go towards.

Our Vision

Our heart is to see the Lord establish an even greater movement than He has ever done before in this region, and through our new space, we want to make Him famous.
Community is a key aspect of our new space, and that goes beyond our gathering times. We know that having a dedicated place to connect over coffee and share life opens a world of possibilities.

Building Renderings


Prayer Points

Join us in prayer over our new building.

Main Space

  • This space to be a dwelling place for the presence of God.
  • The future encounters that people will have with God in this space.
  • This space will create a new hunger for the word of God.

Kids and Youth

  • Kids will learn who God is and the love He has for them.
  • That each room will be filled with joy that can only be found in the presence of God.
  • That it would be a safe and inviting space for children of all ages to seek refuge.


  • These doorways to be covered continuously with a hedge of protection.
  • As people cross over the threshold of our building, they would experience the presence of the Holy Spirit.
  • When people leave this place, they would be transformed by the love, grace, and power of God.

Coffee Bar

  • This to be a space where fellowship and true community is found.
  • This space to be a place that God’s peace continually covers.
  • Businesses and students to work from this venue with God’s blessing and favor.

Opening Summer of 2022