Welcome back!

What you can expect for a Gathering

Where do I enter and exit the building?

Please park on the East side of the building and walk around to the check-in tables on the West side before entering. When our gathering is dismissed, you will exit to the East side of the building.

When are the service times?

We are holding a Sunday Morning Gathering at 9AM and 11AM. Midweek Prayer and Worship Night is held on Wednesday at 6:30PM.

Do I have to wear a mask?

You are required to wear a mask while inside the building. Exceptions are made for those with medical justifications. Please follow social distancing standards at all times.

What should I bring?

Even if you plan on attending church inside, it may be full due to a limited capacity. Come prepared to join us outside in the parking lot. Bring water, sunscreen, a chair, shade, snacks, a Bible, and an activity for the kids like chalk or bubbles.

Do we have to stay socially distant outside?

Yes, in an effort to honor the local government’s requests, please stay socially distant even while outside.

What do I do with my kids?

Kids are welcomed in all spaces for families to be together at church. At this time, we are not able to facilitate on-site children’s ministry for every age group. A playing area is available under tents outside, and a nursing moms room is also available in our infants and toddlers rooms.

How will we monitor everyone’s health?

Before entering a gathering, you will be screened at a check- in table to ensure that you are in good health according to COVID-19 guidelines.

Are restrooms available for parking lot attendees?

For attendees in the parking lot, the restroom is located to the left of the Vintage office (Suite 130). Please, wear a mask while inside the building. 

Will coffee or beverages be served?

At this time, we are not permitted to provide any beverages, although, we welcome you to bring what you need for you and your family. On occasion, food trucks may also be available after the gathering on Sunday mornings.

Will there still be church online?

Yes, online church will continue to be available for you to remain connected. Each Sunday gathering will be uploaded online the following Wednesday night.

What is our capacity for attendees?

Our main space is permitted to hold 108 people indoors. On Sunday mornings, our West side parking lot will be open for additional space outside as needed. This space has a capacity of 175 people and a livestream will be broadcast for parking lot attendees.

Call or email us with any remaining questions!

We understand these are big transitions, and are committed to serving and hosting the Vintage Family in the best ways that we can. We are all learning together, so please ask questions and lean on our staff members as you need. We encourage everyone to be creative and have fun with this! This is an exciting and unique opportunity for us to grow as a church family and in our understanding of God’s presence. It is so good to be back!

Vintage Office: 970.779.7086